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Simplify Your Practice

Patient Data and Visit Planning: Ensuring patient chart accuracy and timeliness of reporting is at the foundation of our model.
We help you create your own “internal quality department” enabling you to manage and communicate patient data effectively.Visit planning is key to ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency. Chart previews can help you to determine the reason for the visit and prepare accordingly.
For example, if a nurse discovers that a test result that is critical to determining a patient’s treatment plan won’t be available until after the patient’s scheduled appointment, the visit could be rescheduled rather than the patient and physician making this discovery in the exam room.
We provide you with true and tested approaches to visit planning. Our proven method ensures that the right information is captured so that the right course of action follows.

Doctors & Physician Assistants

Properly utilzing your physician extenders can increase the time the physician has to run their practice and care for their patients. We can assist you in developing and enhancing the roles of your Physician Assistants which will include their ability to assess, prescribe, and formulate a treatment plan. Additionally, we can train them as patient advocates and educators which increase the patient experience of those they treat.

Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants can help to optimize patient flow, enabling the physician to see more patients and focus their efforts on patients with complex problems.

Although they cannot exercise independent medical judgments, MAs may can convey clinical information on behalf of the physician and follow clinical protocols when speaking with patients. With the right protocols in place MAs can handle a broad range of duties. In some states, MAs can perform procedures such as urinalysis, strep tests, blood pressure checks and weight checks.


Front desk management is central to increasing medical practice efficiency, capacity and patient experience. Front desk management techniques eliminate wasted time and increase value leading to improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our process ensures:

· Front desk has all pertinent information when patient arrives for visit
· That the patient is pre-registered and insurance is verified
· Role is maximized by appropriate staff training for effective triage, and handling calls and emails
· Front desk knows where the patient is through-out the visit cycle
· The patient begins their office experience in a positive manner


“Patient check-out” can also play a role in better care coordination when the right tasks are performed consistently. You can take advantage of the checkout process to ensure follow-up appointments are scheduled, referrals are created and educational materials such as visit summaries are reviewed.

We help you centralize lab management and implement short-cuts such as indicating standing orders for greater efficiency. MAs can play a key role in coordinating orders and ensuring that results are noted in the patient EMR chart and that patients receive a call by either the MA or physician as appropriate. We help you put in place specific tasks and processes to make the most of the check-out process.
Our Human Resource Department efficiently manages our employee relations and consistently works on our relationships with each employee to ensure high rates of retention and satisfaction. Our innovative process is thorough and informative including skill assessment and in-house training to appropriately place staffing as well as keeping them informed on the newest procedures and policies.

Practice Management

Delmont Medical Care has implemented a practice management that successfully branches together the business aspect of Medicine while keeping quality patient care as the number one priority. Utilizing key staff and quality control as founding elements can create an office flow that increases both billable services as well as thorough patient care visits. The medical practice is constantly growing and advancing and the need for medical practice management is vital for the success of the practice.


We help ensure that you have the right front-end and back-end billing functions in place for efficient and thorough revenue management.

· Putting patients first and developing patient-oriented billing process
· Doing it right the first time, minimizing re-work and lost revenue opportunities
· Perform work in real time rather than batching work to be performed later thus enhancing efficiency
· Measuring performance outcome-both quantity and quality-to recognize early warning signs through leading performance indicators